Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yes, 2 hours!

Today Liam met Santa!! Shanna and I took Cole and Liam to the Mall at Millenia to see the most beautiful Santa Claus in town. And since he is the most beautiful, we waited in line for 2 hours. It was one of those things . . . once you commit to it you just have to see it through. The boys were perfect and Shanna and I enjoyed the time together catching up. It went by really fast. Liam fell asleep and woke up right when it was our turn. I handed him over to Santa and hoped for the best. Right then this little elf-like guy started jumping around and waving things in front of Liam's face. He LOVED it and shot off one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen. I think the picture was worth the wait! Cole is older and seemed to think that maybe Santa was just some creepy guy. He screamed, which made for an equally awesome picture - for different reasons. Our first Santa experience was an overwhelming success. Now we can really tell Santa that Liam has been a good boy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back to Work . . .

. . . and no time to blog!

Wow! Liam will be 16 weeks old this Thursday. I haven't blogged in forever! Guess that is what happens when you go back to work. Everything is going SO well. We have all adjusted and are just so thankful that my mom is coming to our house everyday. How lucky we all are . . . especially Liam!

I promise a longer post soon with pictures!

Until then . . .


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

12 weeks already!

Wow! Today is the last day of my "maternity" leave. I put the word maternity in quotes because that isn't really what it is . . . it's short term disability and I only got paid a percentage of my salary for six weeks (would have only been four if I hadnt had a c-section) and then the other six weeks I used ALL of my sick, vacation and personal time. I can't believe how fast these 12 weeks have gone by. I can't believe how different Liam is . . . he's a fun, little baby now. Not a scary "breakable" infant! He grasps my fingers, yells really loud just to hear himself, holds on while being carried with his strong head up and away from my shoulder. He laughs and smiles. Oh, does he smile. His favorite place to be is on the changing station getting his diaper changed. No matter how mad he was before he just laughs and coos when you get him up there. Why cant we go back to work week 2, 3, 4 and then have more time at the end when they are so fun! Obviously I am kidding . . . who would watch a 2 week old! ;)
I am excited to return to work tomorrow. Obviously I am not excited to not be with Liam all day long, but it is good for both of us! I love my job. I have been at the Economic Development Commission for over six years. I love what I do and I miss my work. I miss my co-workers and I miss being a part of the community. I am ready to dive back in and do a kick ass job! The family atmosphere at the EDC makes it the perfect environment for a new family! The best part of all is Grammy is going to be watching Liam . . . at our house. We are all so blessed! It has been such perfect timing that my mom retired at the end of last school year. She and I have had such a great time together during my leave and now she will be helping us out so much! I would be feeling very differently today if Liam were starting daycare tomorrow (but I know that would be OK too), but he won't be doing that for several months and for that I am grateful. Thanks Mom!!
Tomorrow we start a new chapter in our lives . . . that of working mom!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Getting some Z's!

Liam has slept seven hours straight the past three nights! I would say that three nights in a row means this is a new schedule. YIPPEE!! Just in time for my return to work. People say we are lucky and believe me . . . I know we are lucky! But I also think that we have worked really hard to get Liam on a schedule! We both read Babywise two times before he was born and several times since. I consult Erin on a regular basis and we don't mess around with his schedule! He eats every three hours, then has awake time until he fusses just a little (about one to one and a half hours), then he goes down in his crib awake. He "talks" to his mobile and we go in about 10 times to put the pacifier in his mouth and then he soothes himself to sleep. Sometimes in the early evening we put him in there and he cries for about 10 - 20 minutes (this is not fun). And at his last scheduled feeding around 9:00 pm we turn off the tv and every light . . . nighttime! We don't talk and he usually takes his bottle with his eyes closed. Then we let him go . . . 7 hours! I stick with the schedule while I am out and about during the day and he does so good. After his bottle he falls asleep in his carseat after a little while of looking around. I know that all babies are different, but I say to my pregnant friends out there . . . sleep training from the beginning is worth a try. What do you have to lose!? (Except sleep if you don't!)

This weekend we have to decide what pictures we are going to order from our photoshoot with Abby Liga. How will we decide?! If you haven't seen them yet, check them out . . .

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's finally Fall in Orlando!

It was finally chilly this weekend. We took full advantage . . . we ate lunch outside with friends, went to a Pumpkin Patch, made chili, and dressed Liam in footed pajamas!! It's the little things!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"There is NOTHING wrong with this baby . . . "

. . . That's what my mom says all the time while playing with Liam. He'll look right at you and flash you this big ole' smile and you can't help but think it. But then we remember that just 2 short months ago he had some head trauma and a couple of seizures. And then you go to the neurologist and the developmental specialist and they say they are concerned about this or that. And your mind starts going crazy.

Today I joined "Team Grammy" and I agree . . . There is NOTHING wrong with this baby!!

We went to the neurologist today (more on him later) for a follow up to our appointment one month ago. One month ago they told us that they were concerned that his head was growing too fast. Not that his head was too big, but that it was too big compared to how big it was when we left the hospital. Ok. What does that mean (you always have to ask this)? It meant that there was possible swelling. And if there is (you have to ask this too)? That would mean that they would have to do surgery to relieve it. So I have been thinking about this for one month. BUT Brian wouldn't believe it. You see, no one could measure his head and get the same measurement so we didnt have much confidence in the process. Today we returned to have the same doctor, in the same office measure his head one month later. And . . .

"There is nothing here that alarms me!" said the neurologist. Not sure why I put an exclamation point because Dr. Personality did not say this with any type of feeling! I cant stand this doctor. He met with us in the NICU. Sat us down and scared us to death. He talked in circles and was so doom and gloom. He's a childrens neurologist. He only works with children. How can he be so cold and matter of fact?! He wants to see us again in January and if there is no change then he will "release us from his care" and that will be behind us!! Yay!! I will sleep good tonight! (well, as good as you can sleep when you have a feeding every 3 hours!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two month appointment

Liam had his two month appointment at the pediatrician last Friday. Poor little guy got four shots. He cried so hard. So did I!! He was pretty out of sorts for the next two days. Here are his stats . . .

Weight . . . 13 lbs, 7 oz . . . 90%
Height . . . 23 1/4 in . . . 55%
Head Circ . . . 16 1/8 . . . 70%

He's not overweight. He's undertall!! He's our cute lil butterball!

Tomorrow Liam goes back to the neurologist. Last time we were there they were concerned that his head was growing a little too fast which would indicate swelling. So basically we are going back to have his head measured again and compared to when we were there one month ago. We brought this up with the pediatrician on Friday and she wasn't concerned so we aren't letting ourselves be either.

Brian just took Nana to the airport. She is on her way back to Milwaukee. What a great visit we had. We will miss Nana and Papa and look forward to visiting them in Milwaukee when Liam is a little older!!