Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two month appointment

Liam had his two month appointment at the pediatrician last Friday. Poor little guy got four shots. He cried so hard. So did I!! He was pretty out of sorts for the next two days. Here are his stats . . .

Weight . . . 13 lbs, 7 oz . . . 90%
Height . . . 23 1/4 in . . . 55%
Head Circ . . . 16 1/8 . . . 70%

He's not overweight. He's undertall!! He's our cute lil butterball!

Tomorrow Liam goes back to the neurologist. Last time we were there they were concerned that his head was growing a little too fast which would indicate swelling. So basically we are going back to have his head measured again and compared to when we were there one month ago. We brought this up with the pediatrician on Friday and she wasn't concerned so we aren't letting ourselves be either.

Brian just took Nana to the airport. She is on her way back to Milwaukee. What a great visit we had. We will miss Nana and Papa and look forward to visiting them in Milwaukee when Liam is a little older!!

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  1. I love chubby babies!! (One time Lauren was 25% height and 75% weight- We were a little worried!) Can't wait to see your cute healthy boy!!