Saturday, October 24, 2009

Getting some Z's!

Liam has slept seven hours straight the past three nights! I would say that three nights in a row means this is a new schedule. YIPPEE!! Just in time for my return to work. People say we are lucky and believe me . . . I know we are lucky! But I also think that we have worked really hard to get Liam on a schedule! We both read Babywise two times before he was born and several times since. I consult Erin on a regular basis and we don't mess around with his schedule! He eats every three hours, then has awake time until he fusses just a little (about one to one and a half hours), then he goes down in his crib awake. He "talks" to his mobile and we go in about 10 times to put the pacifier in his mouth and then he soothes himself to sleep. Sometimes in the early evening we put him in there and he cries for about 10 - 20 minutes (this is not fun). And at his last scheduled feeding around 9:00 pm we turn off the tv and every light . . . nighttime! We don't talk and he usually takes his bottle with his eyes closed. Then we let him go . . . 7 hours! I stick with the schedule while I am out and about during the day and he does so good. After his bottle he falls asleep in his carseat after a little while of looking around. I know that all babies are different, but I say to my pregnant friends out there . . . sleep training from the beginning is worth a try. What do you have to lose!? (Except sleep if you don't!)

This weekend we have to decide what pictures we are going to order from our photoshoot with Abby Liga. How will we decide?! If you haven't seen them yet, check them out . . .


  1. Yay! for my shout out and Yay! for sleep training! People use to tell me I was lucky too and I always thought no... we worked at it. I really couldn't be that lucky twice, right?! I am so happy for you guys:)

  2. I am glad you have Erin so close to help you! It is not luck and it does take work, but a schedule is so important!!! My kids still stick to schedules, we even have "bedtime" during the summer. My in-laws were visiting once and got up early to leave; Leah was a newborn and they saw me walk in her room, leave the lights off, never speak, feed her and walk out. They commented that, "oh, now we know why your kids sleep so well". So worth it to have a schedule!!!