Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"There is NOTHING wrong with this baby . . . "

. . . That's what my mom says all the time while playing with Liam. He'll look right at you and flash you this big ole' smile and you can't help but think it. But then we remember that just 2 short months ago he had some head trauma and a couple of seizures. And then you go to the neurologist and the developmental specialist and they say they are concerned about this or that. And your mind starts going crazy.

Today I joined "Team Grammy" and I agree . . . There is NOTHING wrong with this baby!!

We went to the neurologist today (more on him later) for a follow up to our appointment one month ago. One month ago they told us that they were concerned that his head was growing too fast. Not that his head was too big, but that it was too big compared to how big it was when we left the hospital. Ok. What does that mean (you always have to ask this)? It meant that there was possible swelling. And if there is (you have to ask this too)? That would mean that they would have to do surgery to relieve it. So I have been thinking about this for one month. BUT Brian wouldn't believe it. You see, no one could measure his head and get the same measurement so we didnt have much confidence in the process. Today we returned to have the same doctor, in the same office measure his head one month later. And . . .

"There is nothing here that alarms me!" said the neurologist. Not sure why I put an exclamation point because Dr. Personality did not say this with any type of feeling! I cant stand this doctor. He met with us in the NICU. Sat us down and scared us to death. He talked in circles and was so doom and gloom. He's a childrens neurologist. He only works with children. How can he be so cold and matter of fact?! He wants to see us again in January and if there is no change then he will "release us from his care" and that will be behind us!! Yay!! I will sleep good tonight! (well, as good as you can sleep when you have a feeding every 3 hours!)


  1. Amy,
    I am so glad that Liam is doing well! Bill had two back surgeries and his neurosurgeon was the same way. Also, Bill's uncle is a neurosurgeon and he is "odd". I really think you have to have a certain personality, or lack of one, to do that job. Hopefully, you will be released from his care soon so you can rest easy :)
    Laura Harris

  2. Hey Laura! That's funny . . . they all must be the same. I did say that maybe he is just too smart to be charming! I just can't believe that he sees children all day. We whispers when he talks! A real weirdo.

    Two back surgeries!? Yuck! I can't think of anything more painful!

    Thanks for reading my blog! Love seeing your beautiful girls on FB!

  3. Oh, so glad to hear this! I can tell you...he is SO cute! I can't wait to see him this weekend. Cole won't let me snuggle him anymore, so I'm going to have to torture Liam!


  4. Hi Amy! I do work with this doctor at the hospital and I know exactly what you mean. I will tell you that he has a great reputation as a neurologist and that is what really matters. I'm glad that the follow up was good news and I'm sure you'll be relieved in January when you can put this behind you. Good Luck!


  5. Angie -

    Thank you for letting me know about his reputation! That is so reassuring. I assumed he was good and just a little strange, but you never know! How's your little man? Arent they so great!?

    And SHANNA . . . what is this about not snuggling?! Does that happen so soon!?